Why Teeth Cleaning Hurts And How To Relieve The Pain

22 January 2021
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Many people go to the dentist for teeth cleaning services and never experience any pain. Others, though, avoid going for routine checkups because they experience too much pain during these services. If you experience pain when getting your teeth cleaned, you might have a problem with your teeth that you need to address. Here are the reasons that people experience pain from teeth cleanings and ways to relieve the pain. Read More 

Should You Have Orthognathic Surgery To Correct Your Bite?

7 December 2020
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Orthodontic options like braces and pallet expanders can help re-align jaws that are mildly misaligned. However, if you have a more pronounced underbite or overbite, your dentist may instead recommend orthognathic surgery. This is a surgical procedure in which the jaw is realigned permanently. Should you go through with it, or should you just accept that you'll have a misaligned jaw for the rest of your life? Well, that depends on your preferences. Read More 

What Options Are Available When Getting Dental Implants?

23 October 2020
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When a person has missing teeth, it can be a real blow to their self-esteem. They may be too embarrassed to smile at others due to the condition of their teeth. Missing teeth can also affect a person's ability to chew correctly and speak clearly. Fortunately, many people have been able to have missing teeth replaced by getting dental implants. These are some of the different options available when getting dental implants. Read More 

3 Tips To Make Your Next Dental Visit A More Pleasant One

17 December 2019
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Have you recently been experiencing dental pain? Are you worried that your dentist is going to suggest that you have one or more teeth extracted or that you're going to need a root canal? Getting a root canal is synonymous in many people's minds with pain and suffering but this isn't how it should be. Modern dental practices and anesthetics make it unlikely that you're going to feel anything during the procedure. Read More 

Options For Kids Whose Use Of Traditional Braces Has Not Worked As Well As Planned

16 November 2019
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Kids generally do not follow orthodontics care instructions to the letter. Even parents can become frustrated with trying to get kids to brush and clean their braces and teeth. If traditional braces did not complete the job on your kids' teeth, you still have time and options.  Invisalign Braces Metal brackets and wires cannot stay on your kids' teeth forever. When the dentist or orthodontist removes the metal braces, and you still want your kids' teeth to be aligned better, you can request invisible, removable braces. Read More