Which Discreet Teeth Straightening Options Are Available for Children?

30 March 2017
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Are you the parent of a child with misaligned teeth? Perhaps your child has been teased about their teeth and you want to take immediate action. If your child has concerns that getting "wiry" braces might result in a different type of teasing, clear dental braces could be a good option. There are a number of reasons that parents choose clear braces for their children. Some of these reasons are not aesthetic-related. The following points will help you to better understand which clear and discreet teeth straightening options are available. 

Clear Aligners

You have several options when it is time to select the best clear orthodontic solution for your child. You may choose to allow them to wear clear aligners, which are removable and straighten teeth over time. These are ideal for responsible older children. Your child can remove them when they eat, but they have to remember to put them back in when they are finished.

Since they are removable, it is possible for your child to forget to put them back in, accidentally throw them away, or lose them. It is ideal for children who wear aligners to brush their teeth prior to replacing them to minimize bacteria growth.

Clear or Ceramic Braces

These are dental braces that are affixed to teeth in the same manner as wire braces. However, they are favored due to them being aesthetically appealing and comfortable. Both of these options will be visible, but the "wiry" appearance that some older children dread will be diminished. The same hygiene requirements that traditional braces require will need to be exercised if this option is chosen. 

Incognito Braces

These are braces that are positioned behind the teeth. They are ideal if your child is old enough to practice excellent oral hygiene. This is because this type of dental braces option is positioned in a manner that makes the braces harder to see and access. This means that your child will need to thoroughly clean behind their teeth to ensure that bacteria and foods do not collect on their braces. Incognito braces give an "invisible" effect because of the way they are situated in the mouth. Improper care can lead to future dental issues such as decay.

An orthodontist is a good resource to use to understand more about the pros and cons of each discreet teeth straightening option. They can help you and your child select the best option based on a number of factors such as your child's age, maturity, abilities, and personal preferences. Learn more by contacting services like Orthodontic Associates.