Tips For Recovering From Dental Implants

15 June 2017
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When you get a dental implant, you will essentially have a fake tooth replace your original tooth that is missing. Because this tooth is made of porcelain, it is going to be strong, functional, and very similar in color to the teeth that it is placed next to. The tooth is anchored into place by actually screwing it into the jaw bone. These screws will act as tooth roots, and will ensure that the dental implant doesn't fall out. However, because this is a somewhat invasive procedure, it is important that you take it easy and take care of yourself during the recovery process. This article will discuss 2 tips for recovering from getting dental implants. 

Use Wet Gauze 

Your dentist is going to place gauze in your mouth immediately following the procedure and most will send a great deal of this gauze home with you, It is essential that you use this gauze for at least the first day following your surgery because this is when you will bleed quite a bit. One trick for getting the gauze to stay in your mouth more comfortably is to wet it. By wetting the gauze, you make it less likely to stick to the roof of your mouth or your tongue, and it generally feels a lot more comfortable as well. When you wet it, you simply want it to be damp, so if you happen to drench it, be sure to dry it out. A piece of gauze that is already too wet isn't going to do a good job of soaking up the amount of blood that you need it to. 

Use Panty Hose For Ice Packs 

You will notice that the side or sides of your mouth where the dental implants are located are likely going to be incredibly sore post surgery. They will also be swollen because extra blood will be pumping into this area of the mouth. As many people know, a great way to reduce welling is to use ice. However, because holding ice on your face all day long can be difficult, if not totally impossible for you, you can instead use panty hose to help you out. You can place two small bags full of ice inside the legs of a pair of panty hose, and then carefully place the ice packs on either side of your jaw where you are feeling the most pain. You can then tie the panty hose around the top of your head, which will free your hands while still keeping the ice in place.

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