Are Missing Teeth Prematurely Aging Your Face?

30 October 2017
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Having missing teeth can change the way you eat and talk, but it can also have an impact on your appearance. If you're missing teeth, it could make you appear older to others than you actually are. Thankfully, there are ways you can combat this problem, even once you've lost teeth. Read on to learn more about how missing teeth prematurely age you and what you can do to fix the problem.

Missing Teeth Associated With Old Age

Although people can lose teeth at any age, it's more often than not considered to be a problem that elderly people have. Losing teeth is very common in elders; it's estimated that on average, people over the age of 65 only have 18.90 teeth remaining of their original 32 permanent adult teeth. As a result, many people recognize missing teeth as a sign that you're on your way to becoming an elder. 

Weakening Jaw

Another problem with missing teeth is that it causes one's jaw to become weaker. When teeth fall out, the pressure isn't distributed evenly to the bones in the jaw when you bite down and chew. That pressure is necessary in order to maintain the bone density in the jaw, so if you're missing teeth, the jaw bones will become thinner and weaker.

When your jaw bone isn't as strong, it can lead to the skin on your face and jaw to start sagging. This makes you look older, even if you're still quite young.

Turning It Around

Thankfully, it's easy to change the perception of others, as well as to strengthen your jaw again after tooth loss. This is possible by having dental implants installed by a dentist.

Dental implants look exactly like real teeth, and function in a similar way. The metal pegs that they sit upon transfer pressure into the jaw, which helps to strengthen the bones in your jaw. Over time, you can regain some or all of the bone density you lost simply by eating, talking, and biting the way you normally would.

There are plenty of ways you can help to maintain your youthful appearance. However, all the anti-aging products in the world won't be enough if the condition of your teeth and your underlying bone structure are making you appear older than you are. If you're worried about missing teeth having an impact on your looks, contact a dentist to begin the process of getting dental implants today.