Here’s Why The Edges Of Your Teeth Never Look As White As The Rest

18 July 2019
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Whitening your teeth can boost how you feel about your appearance, but sometimes it doesn't have the effects you might expect. If you're wondering why the inside edges of your teeth are always darker or discolored while the rest are healthy and white, here's the deal. Enamel Damage Chances are you're experiencing damage to your tooth enamel. This can sometimes happen exclusively on the edges of teeth if people don't floss as much as they should. Read More 

If You Have Gum Disease, This Might Be Why Your Teeth Are Starting To Hurt

25 June 2019
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Having gum disease can be a painful and uncomfortable enough condition for you without having your teeth also begin to hurt. Unfortunately, teeth do sometimes become painful for people who have gum disease, and problems can get worse if the pain is neglected. Here's what you need to know about your developing discomfort. What Gum Disease Does Gum disease, as you likely know, is a form of infection of the gums. Read More 

Why Get Dental Implants Over Alternative Tooth Replacement Methods

24 May 2019
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Missing a tooth that you want to replace? If so, you'll be looking at your options with your dentist. If you're deciding between a bridge, partial dentures, or an implant, know that an implant may be your best option. Here are some reasons to pick an implant over other procedures. Implants Look & Feel Real One factor to consider is how the tooth replacement method will look and feel after it is installed. Read More 

Situations Where Preventative Fluoride Treatments Are A Good Option

25 April 2019
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If you are overly concerned about the formation of cavities, then you should invest in preventative dental care services. Fluoride treatment may be of benefit to you, especially if the following situations apply to you. You Use Well Water Fluoride is naturally occurring in groundwater, and this includes the water that you get from your well and spring. However, the fluoride content may not be enough to encourage good remineralization. So, you do want to have your water tested to see if the fluoride is 2. Read More 

Having A Dental Crown Applied To Your Damaged Tooth

25 March 2019
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When a person is recommended to have a dental crown applied, they may not know what they should expect from this type of treatment. The following provides some basic pieces of information about this particular procedure.  What Types Of Problems Are Corrected With Dental Crowns? A dental crown is often used as a last effort to save a tooth from needing to be extracted. In particular, a crown is used to reinforce teeth that have become damaged through injury, decay or disease. Read More