Two Reasons Composite Fillings Are Better Than Amalgam Fillings

14 December 2021
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When your teeth get partially damaged by tooth decay or undergo a root canal, it is essential to get a tooth filling to preserve the tooth and reinstate the ability to chew food properly. However, as far as tooth fillings are concerned, patients usually have to decide between composite resin fillings and Amalgam fillings. Composite resin fillings get molded using a combination of acrylic resin and glass. Whereas, Amalgam fillings are usually made from silver, copper, tin, zinc, or mercury. Read More 

Four Tips For Finding Affordable Dental Care

8 November 2021
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Dentists help patients keep their teeth beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, the cost of dental care can add up quickly. With the right techniques, you can get dental care, even on a budget. Here are four tips that can help you find affordable dental care: 1. Volunteer at a dental college Dentists receive extensive training to provide excellent care to patients. Toward the end of their schooling careers, dental students must hone their skills by practicing on patients, which means that you can find discounted dental services at dental colleges. Read More 

Professional Fluoride Treatments: Your Top Questions Answered

27 September 2021
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Fluoride treatments are among the most common treatments at any dental office. Your dentist will encourage this treatment, as it is crucial in maintaining and improving the health of your teeth. About Fluoride Treatments: How It Improves Oral Health At the dental office, the dentist will administer fluoride treatments by applying the fluoride directly to your teeth. The primary benefit of fluoride for oral health is that it helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Read More 

Teeth Whitening: How The Thickness Of Your Dental Enamel Plays A Major Role

19 August 2021
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The end results of an at-home teeth whitening kit can vary quite a lot. Sometimes these results might exceed your expectations, and other times the whitening effect might be barely noticeable. And then there's the possibility that the results are very much mixed, to the point that some teeth whiten, while others do not. What causes this mixed result, and what can be done to overcome it? Focused on Your Enamel Read More 

Teeth Whitening For Facial Rejuvenation And Psychological Advantages

12 July 2021
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Professional teeth whitening at a clinic for cosmetic dentistry can boost a person's self-confidence and even improve overall mood. These sometimes are significant improvements in an individual's well-being. Many people avoid showing teeth when smiling because they are self-conscious about the yellowing that has developed over the years. Professional whitening allows them to feel more attractive because of their rejuvenated smile. Why Brightness Diminishes Whitening is an easy strategy for rejuvenating a person's facial appearance. Read More