Complement Your Summer Beach Body With Four Summer Beach Teeth Procedures

21 April 2016
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As the weather warms up in the spring, many people start exercising and dieting to create an ideal summer beach body. Looking good on the beach is not just about your body, though. To help complete the whole package, you can get a variety of services done for your teeth. Dentists have the ability to give you a summer beach smile that will make your mouth look healthy and great all summer long. Not only will you feel more confident when strolling around the beach, but the following four procedures can help improve your overall oral health.

Deep Cleanings

Along with a traditional teeth cleaning, you can book an appointment at the dentist for a deep cleaning. If you have signs of swollen gums or gum diseases like gingivitis, a deep cleaning will help reverse this and clean your mouth as best as possible. During a deep cleaning, a dentist will use a tool to remove tartar on the teeth and deep within the gums. This type of cleaning may take double the time of a traditional appointment, but it depends on the dentist that you go and see. Along with eliminating harmful bacteria, some damaged gum tissue may also be scraped away to give you a healthy-looking smile and to help restore the conditions in your mouth.

Tooth Whitening Treatments

Help make your smile look brighter than the beach sand by visiting a dentist for a tooth whitening treatment. Instead of using over-the-counter products, visiting a dentist can give you access to whitening solutions with higher concentrations of bleaching products. This means that your teeth will get whiter in a shorter amount of time when making an appointment at the dentist. The whitening process can eliminate stains that occurred for sodas, coffee, and various foods. A treatment session can usually be completed with one appointment, but you may need to make multiple appointments if you're looking to go multiple shades brighter.

Composite Resins

The bright sun of the beach may showcase the more subtle imperfections of your smile. Help improve these ares by visiting a dentist for composite resin treatments. Composite resins are used on existing teeth to help return the shape, style, and color that was originally there. For the visible teeth in your mouth, the resins are ideal for covering up cavities, small chips, or areas where tooth decay has occurred. If you grind your teeth, a resin treatment can also help restore the shape and areas that have been worn down. The resin treatment is formed to match the color of your teeth so it blends together and creates the appearance of a healthy smile.

Dental Implants

Help fill in any gaps or missing teeth in your mouth with a dental implant procedure. This is an ideal way to create a complete smile for the beach and something that will last for the rest of your life. When getting an implant installed, a dentist will place the implant anchor directly into your jawbone. After numerous weeks, the implant will fuse with the jawbone until it becomes a natural part of your mouth. With the dental implant in place, a dentist can attach a tooth crown over the area. Dental scans and x-rays will help create a crown shape that matches your other teeth and fits evenly into your smile. When getting the dental implant process done, you can have more than one tooth replaced at the same time. After the healing process has begun, all of the teeth will look and feel natural in your mouth. It's a great options for heavily decayed teeth, multiple chipped teeth, or for imperfect teeth that you do not want corrected through orthodontic procedures.

Contact a general dentistry clinic in the weeks leading up to summer to ensure that you get procedures done before the beach season arrives. This will give you plenty of time for any healing or follow-up appointments that are needed.