Top 4 Types Of Food To Avoid When Wearing Dentures

11 June 2016
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When it comes to caring for dentures, there is not a lot of major differences when compared to caring for natural teeth. You have to do the rinsing and soaking rituals every day, but aside from that, the oral hygiene practices are pretty much the same. That said, you do need to take some additional care when considering what foods and beverages you consume. Dentures can become damaged, and avoiding these things will help prevent a problem from happening to you.

1. Candy

Your dentures will be resilient enough to sustain all of the chewing you do during the day, but can be damaged from sugary foods. In particular, very sticky foods can cause dentures to break by dislodging teeth if you are not careful. Skip candy like Jolly Ranchers since they will only cause problems.

2. Hard Foods

Dentures can be fragile, even if they are made out of a strong porcelain or plastic polymer material. Ice, nuts, and other kinds of hard food could lead to damage caused when you bite down on them, such as a chipped or dislodged denture.

3. Chewy Foods

When wearing dentures, reconsider eating foods that are especially chewy. While a steak may sound especially good, the prolonged motion of chewing can cause problems. In addition to dislodged dentures, prolonged chewing can cause oral sores in the part of your mouth where it comes in contact with the dentures. It's a good idea to only have small portions of very chewy foods so that they are easy to consume.

4. Acidic Beverages

You want to be aware of the damages that acidic beverages can cause, since frequently consuming them can cause them to stain both artificial and organic teeth just the same. If you have a habit of drinking coffee every day, consider cleaning your dentures immediately after doing so. In addition, caffeine found in coffee will lead to having a dry mouth, and saliva is essential for your dentures to work properly.

Soda has a similar problem, but because of the large sugar contents, it can also cause damage to the surface of your dentures. When combined with the acidic nature of soda, it's a combination that will lead to your dentures breaking down. While fruit juice isn't as bad as soda or coffee, it still has that increased sugar content that will slowly wear away at your dentures.

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