3 Things Parents Allow That Can Threaten Their Child's Smile For The Long Term

12 July 2017
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As a parent, you no doubt want your child to grow up confident in their appearance, which means you will want them to have a smile they are proud to share with the world. Even though this may be important to you, there are probably a few mistakes you make or will make down the road as your child gets older. Take a look at some of the things parents allow that can threaten their child's smile for the rest of their life.

Not making sure baby teeth are removed as they become loose enough to be pulled.

When those baby teeth start getting wiggly and loose, most kids are more than excited about getting them out of the way. However, some children are a little apprehensive about pulling them because there can be a little bit of pain or a little bit of blood. As a parent, you have to make sure you do not let your child's fear of pulling these teeth keep them from actually getting them pulled. These teeth must be out of the way so the new permanent ones can have room to grow. If they do not, it can cause their smile to be misshapen and out of line.

Not ensuring their child wears proper protective gear during sports activities.

Sports activities are often a big part of childhood, and there is no doubt that playing sports comes with its advantages. However, sports can also be a danger to your child's smile if they do not wear proper mouthguards and protective gear because being hit in the mouth by a ball or another player is a real dange. Football, wrestling, and even basketball activities should involve your child wearing a mouthguard. If they get struck in the mouth, they could lose one of their permanent teeth. 

Not limiting the amount of candy, soft drinks, and other harmful foods and drinks their child consumes.

It is no big secret that sugary foods are not the healthiest choice for any child, whether it is sweet soft drinks or tons of candy. However, even with that knowledge some parents allow their children to consume these foods and beverages on a daily basis. High amounts of sugary foods can lead to decay and broken down enamel, which can definitely affect your child's smile for the long term. Keep these foods and beverages limited and be vigilant about oral care and brushing to help thwart problems. 

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