3 Reasons Why Nitrous Oxide Can Be Beneficial To Dental Patients

27 July 2017
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Medications are being created all of the time to help patients with a variety of different things. One such dental medication that was created some time ago, and has since proven to be incredibly beneficial, is nitrous oxide. This is a gas that is administered to dental patients to help them not feel anxious and stressed out about what is going to take place, but instead feel calm, relaxed, and even a bit "giggly." Using nitrous oxide on dental patients can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons and this article will discuss 3 of these reasons in more detail.

It Is Fast Acting

One excellent reason why nitrous oxide can be so beneficial to dental patients is because of how quickly it begins working. If the nitrous oxide is put on your face as soon as you sit down in the dental chair, it will likely kick in before the shot is even given to numb your mouth. This is perfect for simple dental procedures like fillings that don't take long to prepare for, but that make a lot of people feel a great deal of anxiety. As an added bonus, the nitrous oxide generally wears off almost as quickly as it begins working, allowing you to quickly return to normal as soon as you stop breathing it in. 

It Is Completely Safe

Unlike other medications that have negative side effects and may not be entirely safe, this isn't the case with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has been proven to be completely safe time and time again, as well as very effective. In terms of side effects, they are minimal and generally do not last very long. Many dental patients really appreciate knowing that there is something that they can take to help them not only feel calm and relaxed at the dentist, but something that is completely safe for them to take.

The Dosage Can Easily Be Controlled

Different dental patients are going to need different amounts of the nitrous oxide, depending on their size, age, tolerance levels, etc. Because of this, it is very important that the amount of nitrous oxide administered is controlled. Since the nitrous oxide is mixed in with oxygen, it is easy to control exactly how much is administered at any time during the procedure. For example, if the patient isn't feeling it enough, then you can increase the amount of nitrous oxide that is mixed in with the gas. 

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