Dealing With Dental Cavities In Babies

3 October 2017
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Dental cavities aren't just for adults; they also strike children. Since you don't want your kid to live with bad teeth, suffer dental pain or lose their teeth, take the following measures to avoid those terrible consequences:

Provide Your Kid with Proper Nutrition

Good nutrition is important for your kid's dental health in two main ways. First, a balanced diet provides your kid's teeth with the nutrients and minerals they need to grow strong and stay healthy. Secondly, providing your kid with healthy food ensures that the child's appetite isn't ruined and they don't eat sugary snacks at the expense of healthy food.

Follow the Dentist's Fluoride Treatment Plan

Fluoride is beneficial to dental health in two main ways. It prevents loss of minerals from the teeth and also helps the teeth to remineralize (regain lost minerals). This is important because the minerals protect the teeth from bacterial and acid attacks.

Children, just like adults, get fluoride from the water they drink. Adults also get fluoride from toothpaste, but kid's toothpaste is usually devoid of fluoride because using fluoride in children's toothpaste would give them too much of the mineral. However, your kid will probably need fluoride treatment if the dentist's examination reveals that the kid isn't getting adequate fluoride. Fluoride treatment is typically topical; it is usually applied on the teeth in the form of varnish, gels or forms.

Minimizing Aggravating Factors

Some factors increase a person's risk of developing a dental cavity, and most of these factors are more prevalent in kids than in adults. For example, a child is more likely to experience poor dental hygiene, snack all the time, and eat sugary foods and drinks. Therefore, another way of dealing with your kid's dental cavity is to limit these aggravating factors. Mitigate the risk by ensuring that the child has their teeth brushed and flossed every day and also doesn't snack on sugary foods and drinks all the time.

Opt For Dental Restorations

If your kid's teeth have already been damaged, then you may have no option but to get them dental restorations. Dental bonding and crowns are some of the most common restorations for kids, but they can also have their teeth filled. Here you should let the dentist guide you because they are best placed, in terms of knowledge and experience, to determine the necessary restoration for the child.

Many people don't pay as much attention to dental health as they do with other aspects of their health. Hopefully, you will heed the advice above as well as others you will get from your kid's dentist to help keep their teeth healthy.