3 Ways Pediatric Dentists Try To Make Their Office Inviting For Your Child

23 February 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Since pediatric dentists work exclusively with children, they work hard to make sure that their child is well suited for children. Not only does it have all of the appropriate dental supplies and equipment to meet children's needs, but they also incorporate décor and other things that children really enjoy. Here are three ways pediatric dentists try to make their office inviting for your child.

Fish Tank In The Waiting Room

One way that pediatric dentists try to make their waiting room welcoming for children is by placing a large fish tank in this area. The fish tank is either fresh water or salt water and contains a variety of bright and colorful fish. The kids love watching the fish swim around and enjoy comparing them to fish that they have seen in movies. A lot of the time this fish tank is just a precursor to the rest of the office that also has some type of fish and underwater theme that kids really enjoy.

Large Teeth And Toothbrushes

Many pediatric dentists also have models of large teeth and very large toothbrushes. These can be used to show the children how to correctly brush their teeth in a way that is fun and exciting. A lot of the time, the dentists let your child try brushing the teeth the correct way after they have been shown how. This gives them an even better idea of how to brush their own teeth and is also super fun for them at the same time.

They Offer Prizes For Good Brushing And Behavior

At the beginning of the appointment, the pediatric dentist may tell your child that they get a prize if they behave well during their appointment, if they don't have cavities, if the have brushed and flossed their teeth well, etc. This not only gets your child excited about their current visit, but it motivates them to brush their teeth well for future visits. These prizes generally consist of things like stickers, small toys, jewelry, etc.

Pediatric dentists work hard to make a visit to the dentist something that is seen as fun and exciting by your child. Many of them include large fish tanks in their waiting room that are full of bright and colorful fish, they have large models of teeth and toothbrushes that the children can use, and they even offer prizes for things such as good brushing and good behavior.