Should You Consider Root Canal Retreatment Or A Dental Implant?

28 November 2018
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The debate between root canal treatment versus dental implants has long been settled—a root canal treatment is better when the tooth can still be saved whereas a dental implant is the better choice when the tooth needs to be extracted and replaced. However, the debate becomes even more difficult when it's between root canal retreatment versus dental implant. You need to consider numerous factors before you decide which one is better for you.

Success Rates Deteriorates

The success rate for initial root canal treatment is high. However, in case of failed root canal treatment, the success rate falls down for succeeding retreatments. If the retreatment also requires apical surgery, the procedure becomes even less predictable. There are times that a root canal-treated tooth can have the same or new problems months or even years after the treatment. On the other hand, dental implants also have the same success rates as initial canal treatment, and with proper care, dental implants can last for a lifetime.

Complications of Failed Treatment

You should also know that failed root canal treatment can have dangerous complications especially when the tooth has become severely damaged. Dentists follow specific rules regarding tooth restoration. One of these rules is to avoid overextending the restoration far underneath the gumline into the underlying bone. If this happens, the gum health around the tooth will be jeopardized and recurring problems will occur not only in this tooth but in the adjacent ones. In case of root canal retreatment, this case is more likely to happen because chances are, the dentist will have to put the restorative agents deeper into the tooth and gum. In cases of persistent complications, extraction and dental implants make a better choice.

Specific Conditions of the Tooth

Ultimately, you can recognize whether a root canal retreatment or a dental implant is the best option for you through the specific condition of your tooth. The root canal treatment and retreatment's purpose is to save a tooth. It cannot solve problems regarding severe damage in the tooth's crown or exceptionally poor alignment. In such cases that it becomes impossible for retreatment to solve the problems of your tooth, tooth extraction and dental implants become the most practical and logical choice.

With the information about success rates, complications of failed treatment, and the specific conditions for each procedure, you can choose between root canal retreatment and dental implants. Keep in mind, though, that these factors can help you know your options better but you still have to coordinate with your dentist.