New Denture Use and Possible Injuries to Your Mouth

28 January 2019
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Dentures are difficult to eat with at first, and it definitely takes some practice to feel comfortable chewing food with the false teeth in your mouth. This is one reason why your dentist will suggest a diet of soft foods for at least a few weeks. While this is a good choice, there are still a few things that can cause injury even if you are being careful. Here are some things that your dentist might tell you to avoid.

Extremely Hot Foods

You know what it is like to take a bite of pizza or a sip of coffee when it is way too hot for your mouth. Your lips, gums, teeth, and tongue work together to tell you that the temperature is too high. If you have dentures, the false teeth act to insulate your teeth and some of the soft tissues of the mouth, making it hard to tell when something is too hot (or cold) until the tissues are actually burned in the process.

So, you want to make sure that you are not consuming anything that is too hot or cold or you may injure yourself. Start off by eating foods that are lukewarm and pay attention to the difference in the temperature sensations that you feel. After a week or two, you can start eating foods that are considered hot, but you should use your finger to gauge the heat of the food item. You can also lightly touch your tongue to the food first instead of simply placing it in your mouth.

Large Food Chunks

Chewing and swallowing are automatic tasks that most people do not think about. However, your gums, teeth, and tongue actually provide you with a great deal of information as you eat. They tell you about the texture of the food and how large chewed pieces are while you are eating them.

This information helps you to understand when you should swallow. Unfortunately, the reduced sensitivity due to the placement of the dentures can put you at risk of choking on bits of food. In order to reduce choking risks, you want to start off by cutting your food into small pieces. Try to avoid tough meats as well, like steak, until you get used to the feel of chewing and swallowing.

Drink lots of fluids when you eat to help with the breakup and mixing of food. Just make sure not to keep liquids in your mouth for too long or they may start to loosen the dentures from their grip on the upper and lower dental arches.