Why Get Dental Implants Over Alternative Tooth Replacement Methods

24 May 2019
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Missing a tooth that you want to replace? If so, you'll be looking at your options with your dentist. If you're deciding between a bridge, partial dentures, or an implant, know that an implant may be your best option. Here are some reasons to pick an implant over other procedures.

Implants Look & Feel Real

One factor to consider is how the tooth replacement method will look and feel after it is installed. In terms of looks, dental implants definitely look like a real tooth. Others won't be able to spot that you have an implant, which can be a big perk if you are embarrassed about missing a tooth. A partial denture may look odd in your mouth since it is removable. You'll also have problems with it slipping out of place, which others will definitely notice.

As for the feel of replacement tooth options, you will definitely not have concerns feeling limited with how you eat food with an implant. It functions just like a natural tooth, so you can eat virtually anything without concerns of the tooth becoming damaged. Dentures may not be useful for some foods, and a bridge is not nearly as strong as an implant. Overall, you'll have a better experience with a dental implant when it comes to eating.

Implants Don't Require Special Care

A dental implant doesn't require that you do anything special to take care of it. You can brush your teeth normally since it can be cleaned with toothpaste. You will continue to floss as normal as well to keep plaque out of your gums. Even though the tooth is fake, brushing is still necessary to keep the gums healthy.

A partial denture will require more care than what you are used to, which means it is easy to forget about it. This includes taking the partial denture out, cleaning it in a special solution, and soaking it so that it does not become dry.

Implants Improve Confidence

Your permanent tooth replacement solution should be something you don't have to think about. For example, when you have a dental implant installed, you won't have concerns about the implant slipping when talking. If the replacement tooth is something that you have to worry about at any point during the day, you should reconsider what replacement method you are using.

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