3 Times You'll Require Emergency Dental Care

24 September 2019
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A deep cut, a broken arm, or even severe stomach pains will all be considered medical emergencies. Unfortunately, some people will not ever consider an issue with their mouth, teeth, or gums an emergency. Although they would not warrant a trip to the ER, certain dental issues should be considered emergencies. With this guide, you will learn a few times when you will need emergency dental care.

Severe Toothache

A toothache is painful. In fact, it can be so painful, that it radiates through not only the tooth, but the entire mouth. Many people will experience severe jaw pain, headaches, and pressure in the ears that are caused by a toothache.

You may think a toothache is temporary or not a major medical issue. However, the pain may stem from an underlying infection that could be more dangerous than you think.

If you are dealing with a toothache that is affecting your ability to sleep or complete normal activities during the day, seek out emergency dental care. In addition, if you have a fever along with a toothache, emergency care is even more important because you have an infection that requires antibiotics.

Broken Tooth

Another common emergency that most people do not consider an emergency is a broken tooth. Although not life-threatening, a broken tooth does need to be addressed quickly, since reattachment may be possible.

If you have broken a tooth in half or chipped off a portion of the tooth, wrap the piece in a piece of gauze and visit your dentist. If you have knocked out a tooth completely, keep the tooth moist by either placing in a container with milk or some of your saliva. If you do not have milk available, place the tooth in a cup of water until you can see your dentist.

You may also be able to place the tooth right back into its socket, keeping it safe until your dentist can examine you. For the best chance of reattachment, you should see your dentist within an hour.

Lost Crown or Filling

Crowns and fillings are a type of tooth restoration. They are used to not only repair unappealing damage, but also protect the underlying tooth pulp and roots from food, bacteria, and plaque. Over time, crowns and fillings do wear down, so there is a chance that they may be lost.

Even if you are not sure how or when the crown or filling came loose, visit your dentist as soon as you notice it is missing. This will ensure your tooth is restored and properly protected.