What Options Are Available When Getting Dental Implants?

23 October 2020
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When a person has missing teeth, it can be a real blow to their self-esteem. They may be too embarrassed to smile at others due to the condition of their teeth. Missing teeth can also affect a person's ability to chew correctly and speak clearly. Fortunately, many people have been able to have missing teeth replaced by getting dental implants. These are some of the different options available when getting dental implants.

Single Tooth Replacement

For those who need to have only one tooth replaced, getting a dental implant can be ideal. The space can be filled with a replacement tooth that looks nearly identical to the natural teeth. With only a single dental implant, the appearance of the smile will improve and most likely no one will know that the tooth is actually a dental implant. The crowns used with dental implants are created to be the same size and shade of white as natural teeth so the implant will be less noticeable.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

If multiple teeth need to be replaced, dental implants can also produce beautiful results. Often if a patient has 3 missing teeth that are all in a row, the actual implant will only need to be attached to the jawbone on each of the outer sides. The tooth in the middle will be held in place securely by the implants that are holding in the two teeth on each side. 

Full Mouth Teeth Replacement

Even if a patient has lost all their teeth or had them all extracted due to being in bad condition, dental implants may still be an option for teeth replacement. Both upper and lower dental plates of replacement teeth can be attached to the jawbone with dental implants. Depending on the condition of the jawbone, 4 to 6 implants may be used to hold each full plate securely in place. These are much like getting permanent dentures because all the natural teeth are replaced with artificial teeth, but they are not removable and normally last the lifetime of the patient. 

Whether a person is a good candidate for dental implants depends mainly on the condition of their gums and the bones around the teeth. If they have a condition where the gums have deteriorated that will continue to get worse, it may not be possible to get dental implants. In this case, teeth replacement may be done using dentures instead.