Two Reasons Composite Fillings Are Better Than Amalgam Fillings

14 December 2021
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When your teeth get partially damaged by tooth decay or undergo a root canal, it is essential to get a tooth filling to preserve the tooth and reinstate the ability to chew food properly. However, as far as tooth fillings are concerned, patients usually have to decide between composite resin fillings and Amalgam fillings.

Composite resin fillings get molded using a combination of acrylic resin and glass. Whereas, Amalgam fillings are usually made from silver, copper, tin, zinc, or mercury. Most dentists usually provide their patients with the option to choose either material for their filling. However, deciding between composite resin fillings and Amalgam should be an informed decision after weighing both the pros and cons of each option.

Nonetheless, most dentists will recommend Amalgam fillings to their patients because they typically last longer and are more affordable than composite resin fillings. However, there are several benefits you get to enjoy with a composite resin filling that Amalgam fillings do not provide. Hence, here are two benefits of choosing composite resin fillings over Amalgam fillings.

Less Invasive 

One of the most critical disadvantages of Amalgam fillings is that they require a significant portion of the decayed tooth to be removed before installing the filling. As a result, irrespective of whether or not the tooth decay is minor, a large part of your tooth will have to be removed in order to facilitate the Amalgam filling because the metallic filling has to get wedged into the tooth. Hence the need to remove a large portion of the natural tooth to make way for the filling.

However, installing composite resin fillings is far less invasive than Amalgam fillings. Typically, composite resins are designed to chemically bond with your tooth's enamel, thus enabling the composite resin to hold itself in place, which eliminates the need to wedge the filling into its place.

As a result, when you opt for a composite resin, not only is the installation procedure less invasive, you also get to retain much of your natural tooth. 

Natural Appearance 

If you do not wish for people to notice that you have undergone a dental filling procedure, composite resin fillings are a better option than Amalgam fillings. As mentioned earlier, Amalgam fillings get made out of various metals. As a result, it is pretty easy for people to notice the metallic filling glimmering on a tooth.

On the other hand, composite resin fillings come in various colors. As a result, it is pretty easy for a dental lab to mold a composite filling that matches the shade of your teeth. Thus, a composite filling can seamlessly resemble the adjacent teeth. Therefore, no one will notice that you have a tooth filling.

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