How To Fill In A Gap In Your Smile

19 September 2022
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A missing tooth can affect both your appearance and the general health of your mouth. Your teeth and gums depend on having a full set of teeth so that they stay healthy, secure, and aligned. Dental patients have several choices when it comes to closing the gap in a smile. Read on to learn more.

Dental Implants

Implants are an increasingly popular method of replacing missing teeth. You can have just one implant or several. An implant consists of a post that goes into your gums and jawbone to secure the top of the tooth, the crown. The visible part of the tooth will match your other teeth perfectly and feel very natural. Implants, because they become bonded to your jawbone, won't fall out or become decayed. With care, implants can last many years.

Dental Bridges

A fixed dental bridge depends on having healthy teeth on either side of the gap. A false tooth, or crown, is fixed in place and attached to adjacent teeth with wires. This type of bridge is very secure, but care must be used to clean around the wires and crown. They are also an affordable option that doesn't involve any surgery or the need to have strong jawbones as implants do.

Partial Dentures

If you don't need a full top or bottom (full arch) of replacement teeth, a partial denture could be right for you. This type of denture may fill in one or more gaps, but it must be removed for sleep, cleaning, and sometimes, eating certain foods. However, a partial denture can help reduce the damage caused by missing teeth and is quite affordable.

Implants with Dentures

Rather than have several implants, which can be expensive, you can opt to have dentures that are supported by an implant or two. This creates a denture alternative that is sturdier than traditional dentures because the implant helps hold the denture securely in place. They must be removed for cleaning, but most patients don't need to use any denture adhesive to hold them in place because of the implanted teeth.

Traditional Dentures

This is one of the oldest ways of filling in gaps in a smile. Over the years, dentures have improved so that they are easier to take care of and look more natural. They do require more visits to the dentist, however, for fit issues and to be relined when needed.

As you can see, options abound at every level and price point. Your present dental situation will dictate your choices from the above. Speak to your dentist about the above choices and find a reason to smile again.

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